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The easiest way to apply clear glaze is by using the dipping method. It's fast and efficient, plus it increases production and lowers costs. 

The GS20C was designed especially to mix any brand of glaze. The tanks holds up to 25 gallons.

The glaze is thoroughly mixed in a matter of seconds. The cone bottom fiberglass tank is 22" deep and there are no edges or corners for the glaze to build up.

The ideal mixing action is created by the 4" prop that is powered by a 1/2 h.p. motor.

The Paint Safe grid has an adjustable height frame and it also swivels out of the way. All parts are non-corrosive and the glaze can be stored in the tank. The standard 110 volt motor has an 8' cord with an in-line switch.

In addition to mixing glaze, the GS20C is also great for slip mixing and slip reclaiming.

Model GS20C

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